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Your son is sick, with no cure to be found. You roamed the world, visited the great cities, looking for the best doctors, scientists and alchemists until one day on the bazaars of a foreign land you heard of a power that is strong enough to fulfill your every wish.

You find the power, you take your son to it, oblivious to the wickedness it holds. It is only at this moment when you realize your mistake. How you ignored the warnings by the elders and listened only to the young and foolish.

The power absorbs your son and then begins to hunt you.

You have to stop it, for its wickedness will only come to rest until it absorbs you and then your kin, leaving you no sleep at night. But it is also the cold of these desert nights that keeps the wicked power at bay. It sends shivers down your spine, but still, you're a hardened traveler and the cold never bothered you anyway

This is a preview version of SON, a proof of concept. It starts after the son was taken, with the first of four areas being explorable.

Project Team:

Vadim Nickel: Project Lead, Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Music, Sound Design (@tsuaave)

Philipp Baumann: 3D Artist, 2D Artist

Rick Hoppmann: Texture Artist, Environmental Design

Lukas Esch: Concept Artist, Texture Artist, 3D

Seren Besorak: 3D Artist, Animation, Sound Design (https://serenbee.itch.io/)

Windows only at the moment. If you're interested in an OSX or Linux version, just send me a message or a tweet (@secr3t5) and I will hurry up with the ports. ;)

Install instructions

Download, unpack and play. Be sure to check the readme file for controls.

Fantastic preset and headphone usage is recommended for the best gameplay experience.


Son Final Build.zip 1 GB


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I ADORE the voice acting and writing in your work! Wonderful music, scene compositions and use of light as well!