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Welcome to Smalltown! You are a postman delivering letters to its funny folks, cycling down seven days a week. They're just a little too shy to tell you their stories, but you can learn a lot from their letters...

Mail Day game for Arte game jam

How to play
Alternate between the A and D keys to accelerate.
Move your mouse left/right to turn.
Space to open your mailbag, escape to close it.


Charles Boury (@CharlesBoury) - Art

Virginia B. Fernson - Music, sound design

Lucile Cossou - Programming

Lise Famelart (@Lise_Fam) - Narrative design

Yoan Fanise (@YFanise) - Mentor, sound design

Vadim Nickel (@secr3t5) - Programming, sound design


mailday-windows-x64.zip 48 MB
Version 1.0.1893.3824 24 days ago
Main theme 2 MB

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